Radon Poisoning

Radon is a colorless, odorless poisonous noble gas that is naturally present in the atmosphere in a minute quantity. The natural occurring fixation of radon is pretty harmless and is not a threat. However radon in home is a serious concern. The cause of this threat is excessive radon exposure over a long period of time. There are two means via which this Radon in home enters the human body:

radon in homes

  • Through the nasal cavity:

When the air which contains a small concentration of radon gets entrapped in the house for a very long time the radon concentration increases. The source of this type of Radon in homes is the continuous breakdown of radon. When radon itself undergoes disintegration it produces a part of radiation and a part of components called the radon daughter elements. This increases the concentration of radon in the home.

When the residents live in this atmosphere for too long and are forced to breathe in this contaminated air the radon enters the lungs. Even when the radon particles make their way in the lungs, they keep on decaying and multiplying in number. When the radon particles undergo decay inside the lungs they also produce small parts of energy blasts. These blasts make the lungs fragile and more prone to developing tumors leading to lung cancer.

  • Through the mouth:
    The other mean through which radon in home enters the human body is through the mouth when radon contaminated water is consumed for drinking purposes. If consumed over a very long period of time this radon damaged majority of the internal organs and cause cancer of the stomach, liver, lungs, esophagus as well as infections in the kidneys. This accumulated radon becomes a part of the bloodstream by attaching itself with the blood cells. This way it travels throughout the body and causes irreversible damage.

The most important and foremost thing to prevent radon poisoning in homes is to invest in a good radon mitigation system while constructing a place. It might seem like a costly expenditure at the time but remember, it is a long-term investment that will save you a lot of money and hassle in the long run. One also needs to realize the fact that if spending this money once will save you and your family’s life. Another significant factor in this regard is the fact that the amount of money spent on the radon mitigation system is way less as compared to the money that is paid for medicines and health insurance bills.

Another preventive measure that can be taken in this regard is to seal all the gaps and openings that serve as a passage for the entrance of radon. Since most of the radioactive elements exist deep down under the surface of the earth therefore the most common source of radon entrance are the cracks and openings in the ground. The small spaces in the plumbing systems of the house also allow radon to pass through them and enter the house.